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Reduced Light Shooting Tips

Reduced Light Shooting Tips The purpose of this article is to assist you in developing the skills necessary for effectively employing a semi-automatic pistol during a shooting confrontation in other than daylight conditions. As a L.E.O. / Military / Security Professional, you will work in various low-light conditions. Therefore, you  must be prepared to properly perform in other than ideal conditions. In order to successfully shoot a threat in Reduced Light the Shooter should be able to demonstrate and/or identify: Proper… Read More »

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Do We Really Lose Fine Motor Skills under Shooting Stress?

There is a growing minority of firearms industry professionals that are tired of the status quo. Some professionals refuse to question things that are considered “commandments” in regards to firearms training. We are questioning these things, learning, and changing the industry; challenging ingrained habits bit by bit. For example: the “Weaver” stance versus “Modern Isosceles” stance. The “weaver” stance came about in 1959 and gained popularity in the ’60s. While it’s been an accepted standard since then, about 10 years ago… Read More »

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Debunking 9 Classic Myths and Whoppers about Firearms

I’ve been around firearms since 1972 (that I can prove). Having been in and around them in the military since 1988 and working in the industry since 1996, I have seen and heard some whoppers told in my time. In this article I would like to debunk some firearms myths with facts, figures and my personal experience as an instructor of this very cliquish yet globally popular martial art. Myth #1 – Caliber Matters First off let’s talk caliber. Let… Read More »

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Hiding places

Where have you stashed a handgun in your home or car that you feel is an especially clever stashing place? Here is a list from a very popular internet thread where all these ideas are collecting. Hiding Places Empty cereal box in pantry, back when I lived in the ‘hood’. Was hoping thieves wouldn’t be hungry! Kaboom cereal in Kill Bill Hanging upside down from a hook under the bathroom cabinet, just above the door. Inside a closet (not a… Read More »

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